Logo Design for small businesses


Good logo design helps your business to look professional and more importantly instills trust. It’s the first thing that your potential customers will see and you need to make a great first impression with your brand design. We can’t all compete with the huge brands of this world but we can certainly stand out in our own industry sector with a strong brand design that doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Frank & Alex have been creating successful logo designs for over 10 years for small businesses like yours on a budget that ensures you see an immediate return on your investment.

We listen to your needs as a business, we look at how your customers see your business at the moment and how you would prefer your customers to see you. Your logo design should reflect what services or products you offer so our number one concern with your logo design is “Is your logo design clear and simple? Does it tell people what you do?”
We get our heads around what the benefits of your business are and keep this in mind when creating your perfect logo design.

Your brand should have it’s own personality, so another thing we look at is how we can reflect the core values and ethos of your company within your logo design. You need to stand apart from your competitors, don’t risk your customers getting you muddled up with your competition – lead the way in your market and be unique!

Logo design for your business is a smart investment that will support all your other marketing efforts. However your business is portrayed; on your website, in social media, free online directories, printed leaflets and advertising, your logo design needs to work hard for you throughout and present a strong brand across the board.

A successful logo design is a surefire way of getting noticed and building your online brand presence. We will supply you with a kit of logo formats to help you do just this, whether you are adding a file to your website, blog, facebook page or twitter account or if you want to produce large banners or signage – you’ll have what you need to that without having to come back to us and spend more of that precious marketing budget!

So get back to basics, remember who you are as a company and restructure your marketing efforts from the ground up! Give us a call on 01484 691844 and Frank & Alex will work with you to develop a logo design that you are proud of.

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