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New charity website for The Esther Benjamins Trust


A charity website needs to grab the attention of visitors and give them a clear explanation of what the charity does and their reason for fundraising. Frank & Alex have been working on our latest charity website and are proud to announce the launch of the brilliant  We have chosen to concentrate on the benefits that donations can bring to the children with positive messages of how lives have been changed.

This charity website uses just the right balance of beautiful imagery, content that gets to the point fast and orange call to action buttons that stand out from the colour scheme of the site and encourage users to donate or sponsor a child. Once a user makes the decision to donate it’s a breeze to give money online, by post or by text. Every step is simple and it’s because of that simplicity that this is one of the best charity websites we have built.

Newsletter sign ups on nearly every page help start a relationship with those who aren’t quite ready to donate yet and social media links give visitors a myriad of options to stay in contact with the charity online.

This charity website is responsive, (as all charity websites should be!) so it is designed to be easy to use on tablets and functions beautifully on mobiles. It is also a CMS charity website that is editable by the charity, so they don’t have to keep coming back to us to make changes, saving them money. Future plans include a page of trusted celebrity endorsements which will help give visitors that extra encouragement to donate and more use of video on the site.

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is also of utmost importance when creating a charity website. Our websites use great content and superior build quality to impress Google and bring in traffic. Our highly optimised landing pages (pages other than the home page that greet visitors when entering the site with specific information they have searched for – yes, we all love it when that happens!) give users what they are searching for and present them with original and useful information. We also work with Google on charity adword campaigns using Google grants for charity websites.

Keeping up with changes in technology and promoting fresh, unique content is key for charity websites, and coming up with exciting ways to engage your audience is our forte! If you need to build a new charity website and want to work with a team with experience in designing charity websites that fundraise successfully, (not to mention make the most of our 15% charity discount!) get in touch with Jane Moran on 01484 691844 or email

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Responsive Website Design in Yorkshire


The recent surge of smartphone users has turned the internet on it’s head over the last year. We as web designers and developers have had to completely rethink how we design and build websites. We’ve always placed the utmost importance on useability when it comes to our website designs, so how users interact with a website on a tablet or smartphone has been a welcome challenge to our team!

Responsive web design provides an answer to the myriad of devices and screen sizes available. Basically the elements on the page are displayed differently depending on the device. So a single column arrangement on a smartphone enables users to scroll through the content easily without having to zoom in and out, and the use of suitably sized buttons and menus prevent users having to precisely aim their finger at a tiny text link!

Web users are gradually getting used to seeing these responsive websites and we think they will be the norm in the not too distant future. Google recently gave responsive web design the thumbs up which means from an SEO (search engine optimisation) point of view, having a responsive site also gives you the edge in page rankings. Google likes websites that are user friendly and offer the best possible user experience, so their approval of responsive web design says it all!

Responsive web design has revolutionised the internet and opened up a wealth of new creative ideas when it comes to presenting your business online. All the same user friendly design that we employed for full screens such as easy to read text, straightforward navigation and minimal clicks are still there, just on a different scale! Content managed sites (for you to edit yourself) are still available in responsive sites too.

Frank & Alex have built a few beautiful responsive websites over the past year that are just a joy to use, here is a list of our favourites:
A simple responsive website for a plumbing and heating engineer based in Halifax, West Yorkshire.
A striking fundraising responsive website for the Esther Benjamins Trust, working with children in Nepal.
A substantial fundraising responsive website for the Thai Children’s Trust raising money and attracting sponsors for children in Thailand.

If your company needs a responsive website then get in touch on 01484 691844 or email for a chat about what you want and how we can help.

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