Managing ourselves as leaders

Some insightful thoughts on leadership from Mark Collier Coaching.


Leaders are never just a collection of skills and experiences. They are always much more than that.

There are many facets to the diamond of leadership. Some are more obvious than others…

We are employed (paid) to lead:

Of course there are things that we are expected to do, must do, should do. We are expected to deliver. And our reality is that we have commitments; to work, colleagues, family and finances. So we act, and behave, accordingly

The behaviours of an effective leader:

Peter Drucker sets these out well:

  1. Ask what needs to be done
  2. Ask what is right for the enterprise
  3. Develop action plans
  4. Take responsibility for decisions
  5. Take responsibility for communication
  6. Focus on opportunities rather than problems
  7. Run productive meetings
  8. Think and say “we” rather than “I”; listen first and speak last

How do you lead?

Using your intellect, obviously. And probably your market knowledge and experience…

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