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What’s your brand story?

Every business, big or small, has a story. We all have to start somewhere, and these stories are usually personal. But we are reluctant to bring anything personal in to our business. Business is business and home life is personal, right?

Well, no. All businesses are about people, the people who run them and their customers. The key element that we strive for in our marketing endeavours is connectivity. Marketing is all about connecting with our market, our employees and the one we often forget, ourselves.

So let’s get back to basics. What is YOUR ultimate goal? Or more to the point, what WAS it when you set out? Have you lost focus?

We are all trying to get along in life, perhaps your goal is to travel the world, maybe it’s to raise a family – whatever it is, it’s personal to you. That personal element is so important for creating a connection with your audience, so why not be brave and tell your story?

If your life’s passion drives what you do then I’m sure your customers would relate to that.

It really doesn’t have to be a crazy tale. Your story could be about what first inspired your passion, how you and your business has evolved, even any major hiccups along the way. It could be a rags to riches story of success or a work in progress that inspires. You could start by analysing what you wanted to achieve when you first started out, helping you focus on what’s important.

You might just talk about one moment, one customer you helped that sets your business apart from your competitors.

Whatever angle you decide to take, just go for it. Tell your story and make it your brand story. Then watch how it sparks connections and helps your business thrive.

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My brand story | Frank & Alex

I’m always suggesting that clients introduce a personable element to their marketing in the form of a brand story, so here’s mine!

My decision to start Frank & Alex was driven by a wish for a better work-life balance. I was about to get married and we wanted to start a family, so I figured it was now or never, before life got too complicated! So I handed in my notice, took a few deep breaths and threw myself in to marketing my new business.

I wanted the business to be small and personal, I’d seen too many similar enterprises get too big and lose their focus. So with the idea that my talented hubby would help out with film and photography (and a bit of tea making) we came up with the name Frank & Alex, a shortened version of our middle names and the fun began!

I offered pro-bono design services to a local charity that was close to my heart @lauracranetrust and made my first connection. The team were lovely to work with and helped connect me to other businesses and charities.

My first realisation was “I can choose who I work with!” An empowering moment and a lesson that helped me build the business I have today, working with lovely people who appreciate the value of what I do for them.

On a simple ethos of a personal, honest service offering creative marketing that got results for my clients, everything grew from there.

I stuck to my original objective to get a better work-life balance and am now a Mum for 4 days of the week and owner of Frank & Alex for the rest. Yes the balance swings more one way at the moment, but my son is little and I’m making the most of it – because I can! I imagine the balance will chop and change over the years to suit our family and our lifestyle, but that’s the beauty of holding the reins!

So that’s me! I’d love to hear your story and see how I can help with your marketing. I give a free brand analysis which basically tells you what I would do if I were in your shoes with your marketing strategy. And I never forget that it all started with your own story.

Email me and leave your details and I’ll give you a call back when I’ve got my Frank & Alex head on!